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Images on Request June 10, 2008

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As we have already posted on the site, we are happy to take photo requests and search our catalogue of more than 10,000 images for something suitable for you needs. We can also arrange for more specialised licensing on a use by use basis.

Recently we’ve been receiving requests for image subjects such ‘a couple holding hands on a tropical beach’, and while we are happy to do what we can, please remember that kickstock is a place for unusual / grunge / abstract stock images, we more likely to have images of a rusty old boat that has run aground on a beach than a couple holding on the beach.

… no glossy images of happy people with the latest laptop computer here…


Shocking in Pink April 17, 2008

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Welcome to KICKSTOCK!

Now serving original hi-res stock photos with punch.

We currently only have about 700 photos online but we will be adding the rest of our collection over the next weeks. Stay tuned for updates, we think you’ll find the images a little more unusual and edgy than those ’stock’ stock images on other sites.

  • Kickstock photos rarely have sunny blue skies
  • The edges seldom sparkle; they’re often grainy and distorted.
  • Life doesn’t always have a smiling face and clean white teeth.

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