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Focus On: Fonts September 15, 2011

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It’s been around for a while, but It’s still a great thing to have around the studio. The perdiodic table of the fonts was originally published at and subsequently flashed around various sites including lifehacker. You can download screensaver versions from the original creators at

periodic table of fonts

periodic table of fonts


Focus on : Logo Design September 5, 2008

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The right branding and logo design is vital to enterprise success (these days even more so, where online there can often be little to mark out the team players from the supporters.)

The web is littered with design companies who will create you an identity for $29 or less, but a couple of great resources for those who want to spend a little more time designing the right image caught my eye this week: calling themselves ‘identity inspiration’ this site features some really great looking logos i’ve highlighted an individual post on this site, they have a series of design trend articles back to 2003 which make interesting viewing.


Focus on: Color July 20, 2008

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Or ‘colour’ if you prefer…

custrard factory

Unless like most designers you don’t think the sun shines from adobe’s ass then you will have probably already come across adobes kuler. (which is a great way for the lazy to choose a good looking colour scheme)

this week we have three resources for the colour blind: site of a self confessed ‘colour enthusiast’ colour and emotional response user contributed community of colour palettes and patterns. simple, but seems to work well, creating a palette of 5 harmonious colours


Focus on: Ajax July 12, 2008

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More of a tip for web developers and programmers this week opposed to our usual design and style ideas.

happy mac

What is AJAX?
Ajax (asynchronous javascript and xml) is the combination of several web technologies that allow better user interaction with websites. Ajax allows the content of a page to change dynamically depending on user interactions with the page.

Ajax Resources:
I’ve listed a couple of sites below which offer demos of scripts and access to examples or free downloads. In particular the code editor at ajaxdaddy which allows you to tweak the page live and see the changes is great!

> (recommended site)




Focus on: Typography June 29, 2008

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The art of arranging type on a page is something that takes years to lean, and some suggest with the advent of the web and lazy type standards is a ‘dying art from’. Look at any printed ad or well designed online space and you will see different. Today, with a glut of visual media coming from all directions, type is more important than ever.


This weeks resources: commercial typefaces, and some good stuff in their wallpapers section typography blog makes for some interesting reading yes it’s a font commenting and critique community. font reviews and related reading.

WhatTheFont very useful visual font search engine to find the name of font from a sample image

also see our creative network links for some free font websites.


Focus on: Design Portfolios April 30, 2008

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As well as self promotion, design portfolios can be a great source of graphic insipiration, designers have specially selected the best of their work and made it available to view in one place.

Australian Centre Contemporary Art

Three very varied porfilios for this weeks feed: – creative portfolio of Chuck Anderson – web design group portfolio – colourful backdrop!, some fresh looking graphic work.

If you have your own portfolio to share, feel free to post it below.