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Focus on: Typography June 29, 2008

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The art of arranging type on a page is something that takes years to lean, and some suggest with the advent of the web and lazy type standards is a ‘dying art from’. Look at any printed ad or well designed online space and you will see different. Today, with a glut of visual media coming from all directions, type is more important than ever.


This weeks resources: commercial typefaces, and some good stuff in their wallpapers section typography blog makes for some interesting reading yes it’s a font commenting and critique community. font reviews and related reading.

WhatTheFont very useful visual font search engine to find the name of font from a sample image

also see our creative network links for some free font websites.


New Images: Close up on Textures June 16, 2008

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New image directory: Textures and backgrounds. Here are three we like:

cracked paint texture

wind-blown sandstone

frosty grass


Images on Request June 10, 2008

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As we have already posted on the site, we are happy to take photo requests and search our catalogue of more than 10,000 images for something suitable for you needs. We can also arrange for more specialised licensing on a use by use basis.

Recently we’ve been receiving requests for image subjects such ‘a couple holding hands on a tropical beach’, and while we are happy to do what we can, please remember that kickstock is a place for unusual / grunge / abstract stock images, we more likely to have images of a rusty old boat that has run aground on a beach than a couple holding on the beach.

… no glossy images of happy people with the latest laptop computer here…