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10 Free Motion Blur Light Effects December 20, 2013

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Merry Christmas!

Here’s your Gift!

You can download the attached media zip file (16Mb) which contains 10 free abstract background images. Three low-resĀ  samples are shown below. All images feature abstract light trails, motion blurs and other colourful light effects. The images are all high resolution (10 megapixel) in size.

abstract light trail

abstract light trail

abstract light trail

The attached images (zip file) are free to use, our standard usage terms apply.

All the best for the holidays and coming year.


New Images: Architecture January 15, 2013

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New images added to Built Environment > Architecture

Australian Centre Contemporary Art

window reflection

federation square details


Coffee Break: 3 Interesting Flickr Tit-bits May 6, 2012

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Mixed Media Pool

Flickr Tilt Shift

Kevin Russ


Open Search Plugin April 15, 2012

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You can now search kickstock without ever needing to visit the site to enter search terms. We have added an open search feature that allows you to add kickstock to your web browsers search bar.


In firefox just click the drop down in the search bar and select add on any page on the site.


Focus On: Fonts September 15, 2011

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It’s been around for a while, but It’s still a great thing to have around the studio. The perdiodic table of the fonts was originally published at and subsequently flashed around various sites including lifehacker. You can download screensaver versions from the original creators at

periodic table of fonts

periodic table of fonts


Coffee Break: Tilt Shift Maker July 28, 2011

Filed under: New Images — Kickstock Photo @ 10:54 pm is probably more of an amusing curiosity than a pro tool, but it provides a few minutes fun none the less. The service enables anyone to create an image that looks like it was taken with a tilt shift lens. The effect only works with some images, but produces some quite eye catching results when used with aerial photos.

We tried it out on a few of our photos, one of which we have attached below, the results are quite striking. Of course you can make a better job doing if on photoshop, like I wrote at the top of this post, this is more of a coffee break toy

- warning addictive.

tokyo skyline tiltshift effect


New Images: Japan May 1, 2010

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3 Images from our recent japan stock photos gallery

Fuji Television Building

Row of Jizo Statues

tokyo tv tower


How do I look on a PC? December 15, 2009

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If you develop websites themes, blogs or style html content then checking that your site looks good on other platforms (PC / MAC / Linux) and other different browsers is an important part of the design life cycle, without it your client might be looking at a finished site that looks somewhat different to what you see on your own monitor. is a great, free website that allows you to select from a list of different browesrs on different platforms and download a screen shot of what you site looks like on those platforms.

cross platform website screen capture

(TIP: I recommend just selecting a few browsers to test as it makes the results process much quicker)


Coffee Break: English Russia March 23, 2009

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Not stock photography, but definitely a creative treat for anyone interested urban photography and urban exploration.

worth a couple of minutes browsing, enjoy!


Creative Snack: January 26, 2009

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Yes it’s the blog of yet another designer, but yes it draws together some pretty cool stuff as “noteworthy and reflective of my current interests and tastes.”


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